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Concentrate on the difficulties and make great achievements

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On November 5th and 6th, 2019, all employees of our company organized a two-day outdoor development activity. The theme of this expansion is: cohesion, communication, trust, and win-win, aiming to improve teamwork and enhance cohesion.

Cohesion generates strength and unites birth hope. During the event, under the guidance of the coach, everyone carried out a series of activities such as physical training, camping, and field treasure hunting. The team members cooperated with each other and achieved each other's achievements. They felt the strength of the team and promoted communication during the expansion.

Through this outdoor development, all members have expressed that they have gained a lot of insights while being close to nature. Some employees who are relatively introverted and lack self-confidence, through this expansion, slowly open their hearts, redefine themselves and invest more in their work; others expressed a deep understanding of the win-win situation of teamwork; Have more power...

This is a teamwork and a personal journey. The two-day expansion was over, but the friendship we have gained continues, and the confidence and courage to overcome difficulties have also improved. This event has also strengthened the company's cultural construction.


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