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Mid-Autumn Festival

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The circle is a miss, the circle is a reunion, the circle is a blessing, this Mid-Autumn Festival, the heart is full of the moon. On September 17th, Jintan held a Mid-Autumn Festival cake dinner with the theme of “Heart and Heart, Love Mid-Autumn Festival”. The Jintan people gathered together to celebrate the festival and plan to plan the future of the company.

At the party, the company organized a blogging event with the characteristics of Minnan for all colleagues. When the scorpion falls in the big porcelain bowl, the crisp sound of the jingle is accompanied by bursts of laughter and laughter, and the feeling of happiness is always very warm. The passion and hard work that everyone shows in the event is a scene of prosperity for a company.

Everyone is betting on the event with a 12-point enthusiasm and feel the festive atmosphere. I also hope that this scorpion full of "blessings" will bring good luck to the Jintan people in the coming year, and everything will be good!

"Beautiful" is the most gorgeous rhetoric in the world

It has the beauty of "getting together" and is loved by the world.

It alone carries the expectations of many people:

Heart-to-heart, reunion


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